Suisse is a multi-disciplined agency situated in the very vibrant Merchant City area of Glasgow’s city centre. There are only two of them – Paul Gray and Lyn Cunningham. Here’s a bit more about them and what they love.

We are small and we like it that way. We get to touch and manage the work. We’ve both been around a while and have seen most things. Some 50 years joint experience between us. We have won a fair few awards over the years and we are delighted to have the admiration of both peers and clients. Safe to say, we love the industry. We love the challenges. We love the work.


The Piano
Jane Campion’s book / laterally a film
A beautiful story of a fateful romance that could never be. Beautifully shot with fantastic performances from Holly Hunter and Harvey Keitel.

A novel by Patrick Suskind (the story of a murderer and a perfumer )
All consuming passion of a man chasing life through his sense of smell. A bastard child born into the slops of a fish market. Quite brilliant in the images it creates. A gift to me from Ross Hunter at Graven Images. One I’ve read time over. A fantastic bit of writing.


The Proposition
Directed by John Hillcoat / Nick cave screenplay. Ray Winstone stars in it. One of my all time favourites. Kill your brother or I will kill your other brother. Great tension. Super acting.

Sexy Beast
First time out as director – Jonathan Glazer (the Guinness white horses ad) directs a masterful film. Ray Winstone is superb.

There Will be Blood
My all time favourite movie. Daniel Day-Lewis is outstanding. Fantastic film. Great ending too. The closing line is a beauty.


The Smiths
A seminal band and a huge influence on my youth. “Meat is murder” – I’d never heard lyrics like that before. They don’t rhyme, don’t fit the beat but they get through. Clearly courageous and certainly of their time.

This Will Destroy You / Mogwai
Masters of the big-build white noise. I think they are both quite brilliant.

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