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The Double Negative is an online magazine launched just over a year ago. Featuring the best and latest in arts, design, film and music coverage, their mission is to hold a mirror up to creative output and reflect it, uncovering and exposing the best – and sometimes the worst – of what’s out there. This is what they recommend for you to check out:

Event: Based in Liverpool, we’re really looking forward to this year’s photography festival, Look 13. Elsewhere, later this month, we’re very excited to see what the V&A have done with the David Bowie archive.

Artist: On the site, we have a monthly focus showcasing the work of an artist of our choosing, so this is tough. We love them all but the latest is Matthew Storrow, a trained architect turned graphic designer. He’s obsessed with imagery of derelict stuff, very post-apocalyptic – right up our street!

Video: We’re big fans of the work of abstract moving image artist Max Hattler. He’s worked on solo shows, music videos and short films. Most recently he made a video for Amnesty International which you can watch below.

Book: Editor Mike was recently given Play: The Nylon Book of Music for his birthday. Focusing on female artists in rock, it’s served as inspiration for a playlist we did as well as being something we just can’t stop leafing through.

In fiction, we’ve never really got over Girlfriend in a Coma by Douglas Coupland. Filled with pre-millenial tensions (it was first published in 1998), at its heart, this is a book about love and friendship. But poet and critic Tom Paulin probably puts it best: “This is a millennial novel of a very subtle and interesting kind. It’s visually brilliant, full of extraordinary imagery, fresh like new paint. I was absolutely knocked over by it.”

Venue: Probably the best venue in Liverpool right now is Camp and Furnace. A renovated industrial building just off the dock road, its multi-space layout makes it great for gigs, screenings and exhibitions. The fact it has a really nice bar and that it has been thoroughly thought through design-wise doesn’t hurt at all!

Mike Pinnington
The Double Negative’s co-founder, Mike Pinnington

Laura Robertson
The Double Negative’s co-founder, Laura Robertson

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