Phill Hopkins Available
Available by Phill Hopkins

The Border Crossings: Artist as Explorer project came about after conversations between artists Louise Atkinson (Leeds, UK) and Carlos Marin (Medellin, Colombia) to produce a cross-cultural print exhibition. The theme developed as part of a proposal for an illustrated talk and exhibition at the Impact 8 International Printmaking conference in Dundee, Scotland (28 August – 1 September 2013). The participating artists include: Louise Atkinson, Kathryn Desforges, César García, Phill Hopkins, Carlos Marín, Jean McEwan, Graham Pilling, Jorge Eliecer Rodriguez, Luz Elena Villegas and Liliana Vergara.

In order to consolidate ideas for a collaborative show of artist printmakers working with a range of materials & techniques in the UK and Colombia, the group have created a blog so that each artist could post their works in progress online and instigate conversations with one another. As well as acting as a platform for discussion, each artist can use the website as a reflective tool; documenting their creative journey.

Jean McEwan
by Jean McEwan

Why we like it:
This is an experimental project and there are no constraints on how each person should undertake their work. It is an intriguing concept and we eagerly anticipating its outcome.

The finished works will be shown together at different locations in the UK and Colombia.



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