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The Central Station community is a combination of several social networks – Twitter, Flickr, Cargo Collective, Vimeo, Behance, Soundcloud & Facebook.

To join us you just need to be connected to Central Station on any or all of these platforms.

We can then see your work and consider it for our Showcase. It also means that other creatives can easily connect with you.

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    Featured Blog
    Public Engagement Curator Viviana Checchia talks us through her first five jobs.

    Featured Event

    Selected 5

    28 May - 23 Jul

    An innovative artists' film and video programme touring the UK

  • Featured Event

    Radiophrenia 87.9fm

    13 Apr - 19 Apr

    A temporary art radio station will be broadcasting live from CCA, Glasgow in April

    Featured Event

    Crossing the Line

    18 Feb - 01 Mar

    Exploring the boundaries of cinema with experimental and artist films, music & poetry

    Featured Blog
    Find out more about the women artists in NFA

  • Featured Event

    Counterflows Festival 2014

    04 Apr - 06 Apr

    Counterflows explores international networks of underground music

    Featured Blog
    Mark Lyken and Emma Dove describe their process and the creation of Mirror Lands

    Featured Blog
    a-n Degree Shows Guide 2012 is out. Take a look.

  • Featured Video
    A filmic work by Alex Hetherington

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