Andrew Delaney is an Artist & Stylist based in Melbourne, Australia. Having held roles in Art Direction & Set Design on large exhibitions and shows, as well as creating visual displays for retail, his creative work is varied. Andrew’s studio is where he creates the art that is close to his heart, and he’s letting us in…

The studio came about six months ago when a space opened up in the iconic Nicholas building. A hub for artists for many years I jumped at the chance to be a part of something really special. During that time I’ve concentrated on creating a rather strong aesthetic. I suppose you’d call it Victorian Gothic. Using a very monochromatic colour scheme I’ve tried to not only instill the artwork with a feel of a bygone time, bridging the gap between painted portraits, silhouettes and early photography, but to also give the space a feeling of something long since lost.

People are encouraged to enter the space, so its now not only a working studio, but also a gallery and a retail outlet for some of the other pieces I make. You are even encouraged to bring in old frames or pieces to use in creating something special. Having come from a strong retail background and working in the events field as an art director for the last ten years I was always conscious of creating something that wasn’t just a piece on the wall, but also something that had a history and perhaps a darker meaning. Whether it was an heart ornament, a painted book or a cushion all the pieces could sit comfortably together and hint at something else that was going on inside.

Many of the works are done with vintage fabrics and papers, frames with original distressed mounts and found objects. Most of the portrait work are of artists and authors of the time all of which held darker secrets and had scandalous private lives. The pieces can be taken as simple bizarre objects or take on a deeper more macabre meaning. Its interesting to gauge from the reactions from the public just what someone will either laugh at, me moved by or simply walk away from.

Its about plugging into peoples memories,some good and some bad under the illusion that its a literary theme. Its all packaged up as the romantic side of the Victorian Gothic era, but of course there is allot of suppressed sexuality, the supernatural elements, love gone wrong, religion, madness, monsters, murder, loss and life and death. All of the experiences we don’t like to talk about but make up who we in fact are.

So the studio although having a rather dark theme is handled in a fairly light manner. The customised voodoo dolls, the children’s torture toys, Rorshack cushions or even the gruesome hearts all give the viewer a chance to laugh.

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