Angharad McLaren is a textile designer based at The Briggait in Glasgow. She creates original contemporary woven designs.

My weaving studio is a chaotic world of yarn, ropes, looms, shuttles and pirns, with flashes of neon colours and lots of bright natural light. It has been described as a psychedelic goldfish bowl, full to bursting with my colourful textiles and inspiration imagery: corals, anemones and underwater life all feature in my designs, with a sporty nautical influence from sailing and windsurfing.

I weave my designs on computerised AVL hand-looms, combining traditional techniques with modern technology.  I’m usually juggling several projects at once: making my own range of products, client commissions and developing new work.

 My studio is at the Briggait, a traditional fish-market which has been renovated by Wasps into artists’ studios and offices, housing an eclectic mix of artists, designers, craftspeople, dance companies, a circus school… I’ve got friendly studio neighbours and every now and then a pantomime horse wanders past, or music drifts along the hallway from performance rehearsals, reminding me of all the weird and wonderful things that go on around me.


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