Chris Leslie is a documentary photographer, film-maker and designer based in Glasgow. His work has been exhibited in London, Glasgow and Sarajevo and he has worked on projects ranging from documenting the closure of Paddy’s Market in Glasgow to filming child labourers in Nepal. 

Without the photos and stuff on the wall my office space would be a shrine to apple and ikea somewhat sadly. Most inspiring items on the wall / shelf are – Henri Cartier Bresson book, which I change the photo every day, latest up coming project folder (Glasgow Renaissance) which reminds me I need to get my finger out, photo of the kids, and of course last but not least my album cover frames which change every few months to reflect what I’m listening to (back to teenage angst and the Cure at present.)


‘Where I Make’ invites readers behind the scenes of artists from many disciplines to share photographs and a little insight about where they create their masterpieces. See more from the series here.