The Citizens Theatre is an iconic venue and theatre company based in the Gorbals area of Glasgow. Apart from producing British, foreign classics and contemporary plays, they also host classes, workshops and training programmes.

The Wardrobe Department is a powerhouse of production. During a large main stage show there will be up to 6 staff employed in this department including a supervisor, cutters, assistants and a dresser, who will all work closely with the show’s designer.

Where possible costumes can be sourced from the theatre’s extensive costume store, which houses thousands of items of clothing, accessories and shoes from pretty much any period in history. There is a separate panto store for some of the more outlandish outfits.

The talented team make and fit bespoke costumes across a huge range of styles. Some of the most intricate and impressive work can be seen in period dresses, such as that worn by Siobhan Redmond in Mary Stuart.

Costumes made in-house then join the ever-growing costume store for potential re-use or adaptation at a later date.

The wardrobe department also houses a fitting room and laundry.


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