Claudio Pfeifer has worked as a photographer and video artist in Germany. He now publishes art books and zines in Berlin. Here is were Claudio creates…

Claudio Pfeifer lives and works in Berlin in different fields of visual arts. After studying Photography & Video at Art School, he moved to Berlin to study Cinematography at German Film School. His Photographic work is abstract, constructed and focuses on movement in still images. He has shot several experimental short films, documentaries and also worked as Director of Photography for Feature Films and Music Videos.

For the past two years, Claudio Pfeifer has been publishing art books and zines with an emphasis on photography. He founded the Publishing House PogoBooks which is the tangible representation of a very vital existing community of young artists.

PogoBooks understands itself as part of a long and rich tradition of other DIY projects and self-publishers. This includes offering publications at low costs. In this way, PogoBooks has already managed to publish 40 titles since 2010.

“This kind of publishing requires handiwork and heart. Nonetheless, the books have to be affordable. That’s what Pogo means to me,” says Pfeifer.

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