This week we’ll get a glimpse into a life of German-born, London-based record label owner Robert Raths. He founded Erased Tapes Records in early 2007. The label embrases a wide spectrum of music from modern classical to dance, and Robert has carved out a reputation for discovering inspiring and innovative music which crosses boundaries.

“I’m constantly in motion because otherwise I feel like the world is coming to a stand still. You can find me in cafés, at airports, on trains, behind merchandise desks, backstage… I’m usually surrounded by a lot of people. This is where I work” – Robert Raths

One of the artists on Erased Tapes is improv solo pianist Nils Frahm.

‘This is where I work: either in my own Durton Studio in Berlin, on stage (here with Óli), on the road with my Volkswagen or on my beloved piano at home.’ – Nils Frahm, pianist/producer


‘Where I Make’ invites readers behind the scenes of artists from many disciplines to share photographs and a little insight about where they create their masterpieces. See more from the series here.