Fun Makes Good specialises in re-working previously unloved items of furniture with stunning bespoke upholstery, blending traditional techniques with a distinctive graphic aesthetic. Inspired by contemporary architectural forms and geometric shapes, Fun Makes Good combines detailed embroidery techniques with bold patterns and creative colour combinations to produce a striking range of interior products using locally sourced, specialist wools, leathers and hand dyed cotton.

The studio was established by Eleanor Young, a Scottish textile designer who graduated from the world-renowned Glasgow School of Art in 2007. Having received a First Class Honours degree in Embroidered Textiles, she set up Fun Makes Good in 2009 after realising the demand for high quality, hand crafted products with contemporary style.

My studio up until now had been an ever changing space. Working from home, I used to have an annex room out with my flat, but as my business has grown and my collection of found chairs has increased I have grown out of my annex space and moved into the flat. I now occupy the largest room in my home and use every bit of it!

After re-arranging several times, I am now set up and have a very successful working space. I spend most of my time either at my work bench which doubles up as a cutting table or at my sewing desk which also doubles up as my computer table. As I work on a variety of projects at once I need space to store, to work and to think and my studio does all three.

It as a bright, busy and functional space. The only downfall is it isn’t the best space for client/designer meetings, so for commissions I tend to go out of the studio and visit my clients in their own homes. This provides a pleasant change of environment, and in doing so helps to inform my commissioned based work.


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