Nominated for Best Scottish Artist at the 2011 Scottish Variety Awards, Klingatron prides himself on creating paintings from intensely detailed and intricate hand cut stencils. Over the years Klingatron has exhibited his paintings in numerous shows across the UK including three  Solo exhibitions as well as several group exhibitions in Australia.

I am most happiest when I’m in my studio. I spend a lot of time cutting stencils in order to create my paintings so it makes sense for me to love my surroundings. The idea of spending the day, night or both in my studio is something I look forward to everyday with some tunes in the background with my dog chilling in her bed whilst I cut away.

When I get an idea in my head I pretty much just go for it. I’m not really one to doodle in a sketchbook, my work mainly sparks from photography and then I just plan in my mind what I want to do then just begin to cut the stencils. I started using stencils as a way to create art in my final year of art college, easily frustrated with the work I was creating and having no patience I stumbled in to stenciling and found that I did have the patience to sit for hours upon hours to create detailed stencils. Looking back now, they weren’t that detailed compared to now but you have to crawl before you can walk.

I started creating paintings of things that were around me like portraits of my friends but that progressed to my environment. My urban landscape paintings of New York, Rome and Glasgow dictated the way I worked for several years and allowed me to develop my skills to create super delicate and detailed stencils, making the spray paint finish look almost photographic.

Most recently I have been working on portrait pieces again and combining the detailed stencil work with free hand work. My studio has never been such a mess and again that’s why I love working in there. I go in there now not knowing what the hell is going to happen. My studio wall itself is an ever changing work of art.

I am currently busy working away in my studio for an up and coming exhibition to be held in London.

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