Puppetry association Puppet Studio Ltd was founded in Turku, Finland in 2007. It aims to support and promote puppeteers’ work by offering a workshop and rehearsal space near Turku city centre. Currently 11 artists/puppeteers use the space. One of the companies who create their puppets and practice their shows in Puppet Studio is ‘Le Royal Nukketeatteri Kuuma Ankanpoikanen‘ (Royal Puppet Theatre Hot Duckling).

Kuuma Ankanpoikanen, one of the most active puppet theatre groups in Finland, was founded in 2006. It consists of five puppet theatre professionals who are all members of Puppet Studio Ltd. Merja Pöyhönen from Kuuma Ankanpoikanen was recently awarded acclaimed Kritiikin Kannukset, which is given annually by The Finnish Critics’ Association to a young individual artist or a group in recognition of their artistic breakthrough. Kuuma Ankanpoikanen also won a Finnish Puppet theatre competition last year.

Kuuma Ankanpoikanen produce shows full-time for both adults and children. Their original repertoire range from children’s shows about glaciers and heroism and shortsighted princess, to shows for adults exploring the themes of guilt, confession, fragility of relationships, and space travel to name just a few. They also have a show about sexuality aimed at teenagers, and an adult show that bravely combines puppet theatre, experimental electronic music and live animation.

Kuuma Ankanpoikanen doesn’t have their own premises to perform at. Therefore performances have taken place at different places, including theatres and festivals, across Finland. They also fight for the visibility of the whole field by organising puppet theatre soirees in bars and events, such as Eurocultured, in Turku, Finland. Most recently they sent their gorilla police and a giant 3m policeman to music festival Ruisrock.

Critics have described the performances and the performers of Kuuma Ankanpoikanen with words such as sincere, absurd, open-minded, sympathetic, unreserved, surreal, dazzling, wonderful, talented, dadaist, courageous, sensitive, hysterical, untouchable, and exhilarating.

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