Max Hattler is a moving image artist, working with abstract animation in film, video installation and audiovisual live performance. Here is where he creates…

Max Hattler & blackboard scribbles which pertain to the ‘Max Hattler Canal Commission’, a water screen projection which is premiering at KXFS in London on 6 September. Photo: Lucy Pawlak.

I mainly live in London but don’t have a studio there. I travel a fair bit with my work, and I’m laptop-based, so I can work anywhere. I like putting myself in new environments and taking inspiration from them. Currently, I am doing an artist residency with Pixel Palace at Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle. Big Newcastle daily The Journal wrote an article about me and my two fellow residents, Lucy Pawlak and GH Hovagimyan last week which you can read here.

While in Newcastle I’ve been working on several projects, including Model Starship which I shot in my temporary flat in the iconic Byker Wall council estate … Another new work is Catch, the official music video for the single of the same name by The Egg, from their brand new album Something To Do. You can view Catch online here.

The main project here at Pixel Palace, an investigation of scanlines and moiree, is still a little top secret.

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