The Brothers McLeod are Illustrator-animator Greg and screenwriter Myles. They are known for their animations created for TV, short film, games and the web. Here is were they create…

Welcome to our turret. Where we spy on the world and make words and pictures.

We’ve been in situ for 3 years. We were previously locked away in our respective abodes with nowt but our own dull company to cheer us. Now sing hallelujah, we get to spend each and every long long hour together swilling about in the brotherly love of creative nirvana.

The wiring in the building pre dates the renaissance and the cold winter of last year froze the water in the toilet. We battled through in hats and scarves and Myles learned to type wearing gloves. We burnt Greg’s drawing board for warmth and severally depleted the whisky supplies.

Despite working mainly on the evil device that is the computer we like to surround ourselves with paints, pencils, pens and various drawing surfaces. This keeps the evil digital demons at bay and gives us something to do when the electricity has a ‘moment’

In truth tis a wondrous space offering, as it does, unparalled views of the upper middle class town of Stratford Upon Avon. If Shakespeare were alive today we’d have him locked in a cupboard writing short films.

Much love form our turret of creativity

The Brothers McLeod

Ps – Our surname is pronounced MacCloud for those not versed in Norse-Scottish history…

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