Vincent Moon is an independent filmmaker from Paris.

He is best known for his music videos and other music related work such as La Blogotheque’s video podcast which in the past 4 years have featured REM, Arcade Fire, Sufjan Stevens, Beirut, Grizzly Bear and many more. He also worked closely with Scottish band Mogwai to create a film documenting their live show in Brooklyn, made a movie-essay on New York band The National, and has worked on other experimental films and documentaries.

Vincent Moon has been living and working on the road for the past three years exploring the world with a camera in his backpack, documenting his experiences. Few months ago he was in Australia researching aboriginal singing. He was then travelling to The Philippines to research their traditional song before starting a three month quest in Ethiopia to find out more about their music.

He has been trying to develop his work non-commercially, always involving local creatives and film makers as much as possible.

Below is a photo of one of his many improvised work spaces at a friend’s house.

You can find more about Vincent on his website,
read his blog
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