I work in a Stained Glass Restoration Studio in Edinburgh, and after work I do my own projects. Occasionally I make time to sleep….

I started a blog a while ago to document the restoration work we do, I think it’s rather interesting & worth documenting. At the start of the year a bought a nice camera & have been working on time lapsing all the various stages of the job. You can see the first couple on the blog, but I have 50gb of photos to process and a rather poor computer that cant handle the task!

The blog is also about my own personal work, mostly because I doubt I’d manage 2 different blogs at the same time…

Anyways this is where I make!

So Saturday morning it’s pouring with rain…. I’ve been living in the same flat for a year and I’ve always had the idea of fitting a window in every flat I live in just for the hell of it so I figured it was time for that to start.

So the target window is the classic space above the front door..

Ah what can we say, a bit dull but has potential….I took some measurements and made my way down to the studio.

Music / check.

Tea Bags & milk / Check.


I got finished at 10pm, too late to fit the window so up early on Sunday and she’s done by half 12.

I really enjoy the workshop, it’s a total joy to have all the possible tools for whatever crazy plan I’ve come up with to hand. The only thing that would make it better is a coffee maker.

My Bench is usually pretty tidy… not so this week!

The most important things in the studio are probably the kettle and the dusty radio. Well what’s not dusty in this studio?

It’s located in part of the Wasps on Dalry road, a very entertaining st. I like the open studios weekend we have and hopefully this year I’ll have the time lapse videos ready to show people. The business of stained glass has many stages and processes and altogether it’s probably quite unknown to anyone outside of the business, it would be nice to share a little insight to the work.

If I’d planned this a bit more I’d like to put in more about the various tools we use. Essentially there are only a few key items. That’s part of the beauty of this work, it’s all hand tools and it’s the same tools that stained glass artists have been using since the beginning more or less.

Aye well, this has been me, that’s been my weekend and this is where I make!

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