Phil Ashcroft is a painter and graphic artist who lives and works in London. This is where he makes.

Phil Ashcroft studio photo Joe Plommer

Ashcroft has painted live worldwide from Los Angeles to Hong Kong and Osaka. His work is held in private and public collections including The New Art Gallery, Walsall and the Royal Mail. In 2005 he was commissioned by the British Film Institute to create the film poster and DVD for the UK cinematic release of the original uncutGodzilla (1954). In 2010 Ashcroft painted with the Scrawl Collective in Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall as part of Tate Modern’s 10th anniversary event No Soul For Sale.

Since 1998 my studio has been located in the former Deptford Library in New Cross, an Edwardian building opened in 1914 and now home to an independent co-operative of about 50 artists.

Phil Ashcroft studio 1 photo Joe Plommer

Phil Ashcroft studio 4 photo Joe Plommer

My studio is located on the top floor, with a glass ceiling which allows plenty of light. In the winter the studio is often freezing, during the summer it’s like a greenhouse.

This is where I can experiment with the process of painting, free from interruption.

If I work late at night to early morning I’m usually the only person left in the building. I’ve been told of ghosts but as yet only heard mice scattering amongst the empty studios. I try not to hang around when it comes to locking up.

Phil Ashcroft's studio, photo Joe Plommer

Phil Ashcroft studio 2 photo Joe Plommer

Ashcroft’s first monograph Solar System Parameters is published by Gamma Proforma in October 2013 and is available to order here.

phil ashcroft book

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All photos (excluding the book) © Joe Plommer


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