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Victoria Evans is a Glasgow based artist working out of Wasps’ Briggait Studios in the Merchant City. This is where she makes…

Studio Hall BW Victoria Evans

I’m primarily an oil painter – a very messy one – and I work on a large scale, so a studio/workshop is a must. The beautiful cultural complex at the Briggait helps keep me in touch with a diverse group of artists, and the building’s Victorian industrial vibe, updated for contemporary use is a continual inspiration. My work often deals with feelings about impermanence and time passing, so the fact that parts of the building date as far back as the 17th Century resonates with me.

Heads In Studio by Victoria Evans

Victoria Evans

I’m lucky enough to have a studio with high ceilings, iron rafters which I’ve hung a swing from, and big windows with a view on to a little green. It’s pretty much my fantasy of what a painter’s studio should be like. When I moved in three years ago I remember feeling guilty that I’d landed such a perfect spot so early in my career. Now I’m very much at home and would sacrifice a lot before I’d give it up.

Studio Shot Blue by Victoria Evans

Studio Shot by Victoria Evans

One of my other favourite parts of the studio complex is the airy, piazza-like 1873 Hall – a stone flagged covered courtyard that used to be a fish market. My upcoming exhibition ‘Standing Stones’, which opens 21 June and runs until 19 July, was especially conceived for this space. For more details about Evans’ exhibition, please go here.

Standing Stones 21June Victoria Evans

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