To celebrate our first 50 days of the new-look Central Station, we showcased an artists a day. Here are our selected 50 artists in 50 days:

Day 1: Cities by atelier olschinsky
Day 2: My Apologies to James Hyde by Drawing is Good
Day 3: Daniel likes birds. by Matthew Collings
Day 4: CinemaAttic 2011 by Julien Pearly
Day 5: the new look by ne parle pas français
Day 6: yolk by Chris Stoneman
Day 7: Baglight Swing by Curated
Day 8: Here’s Our Future In Front Of Us (trailer) by Jessica McDermott
Day 9: Neolithic Museum by rafolio
Day 10: Suitcase2 by Kim Moore
Day 11: Nosferatu, you here? by Konkurbiene
Day 12: Fixing Luka (clips) by Jessica Ashman
Day 13: CYBERNETICA by Liz Bradshaw
Day 14: Africa In Motion Theme (2011) by lostinsounds
Day 15: The Smiths – Penguin book covers by Chris Thornley
Day 16: Smack in the Chops by Mr Kaplin
Day 17: Glass with enamels by Shaun Fraser
Day 18: Hemisphere by Ross Fraser
Day 19: no more villagers by  unexpectedbowtie
Day 20: Inspired by Adam Vella
Day 21: A Square Root of Budapest by JigsawJim
Day 22: untitled by f e r a l k i d
Day 23: An Archaeology of the self by Eva Lerche-Lerchenborg
Day 24: badman by Sippy Donovan
Day 25: Glitch by Zara Picken
Day 26: You by Bob Rafferty
Day 27: First Snow by Fighting With Bears
Day 28: contemporary head-dresses by Jools Elphick Knitwear
Day 29: Three Legged Horses by Debasers Filums
Day 30: Strength in Numbers by Helen Shaddock
Day 31: Untitled by J Rannachan
Day 32: Polychrome Smoke 002 by Mark Lyken
Day 33: The Hunted – Kaleidoscope by Daniel Padden
Day 34: Hansel and Gretel – Pop Up Book by Nick Cocozza
Day 35: Growth by Dylan Gauld
Day 36: corner of her eye by Coll Hamilton
Day 37: Untitled by Anna Soczewka
Day 38: The Present by Ivana
Day 39: Straight Up Seven by Rhett Leinster-Evans
Day 40: …goodbye, ghosttown by Citizen Tank
Day 41: 30×30 by Laura Barnard
Day 42: The Finger Trap by Julia McLean
Day 43: Artist Book 1 by Nicola Watson
Day 44: Trolley’s by Liz West
Day 45: Fantasy for a Clarinet by Vitaliy Rybakin
Day 46: My Cool Campervan by Ian Anderson
Day 47: Trio by Rosemary Head
Day 48: illustrations by Ty Dale
Day 49: New Era Introducing by Matt Saunders

Day 50:  Magnetic Typography by Dominic Le-Hair

Although this promotion is now over, we still continue to select creatives from our community to showcase through the week. The featured artists are selected from our members on certain creative online platforms. To find out more click here.



Novemeber 2011:

For the first 50 days of the Central Station re-launch, we are showcasing a community member a day. They will be featured on our Homepage and mentioned on our social networks.

We are selecting these artists from our followers on these networks.

All you have to do is make sure your work is uploaded to at least one of the networks listed and start following us. The first 1000 community members from across the networks will be considered for the features & the prizes. Old work, new work – we want to see it all.

There will be 2 prizes – the first is a judges choice award, this will be selected by a panel and the winner will get themselves £500.

The second is the best self-promotion award. This will be awarded to the person/collective who manages to use our promotion to their advantage – i.e. letting all of your networks know about the feature, getting them to like, comment, RT the piece and generally letting your network know that they should be joining Central Station too. Being inventive about it will be highly regarded. The self-promotion award is £500 too.

To be considered for a feature & put yourself in the running for one of the 2 £500 cash prizes, just follow these steps:

1. Join at least of these networks:

2. find Central Station on the network & start following us

3. We’ll follow you back

Be one of the first 1000 to follow the steps, and you will be in the running to be one of our 50 Artists in 50 days.