Anna Bruce is an Edinburgh based artist who works in a variety of mediums including film, sculpture & photography.

What’s in the blog:
Anna’s blog is a mix of documentation of past exhibitions, as well as posts about her current work. It’s a very clever resource of Anna’s work and who she’s worked with.

Why we like it:
As well as being a visual delight, we like that Anna’s artist statement seems to evolve. There are insights into what she as an artists, and as a person, is learning through her research and collaborative projects. It’s a nice touch.

Hidden treasure:
Tucked away in one of her posts, Anna mentions a participatory project she runs called STREET-SIDE, which essentially is a collection of photographs of interesting roadside attractions (or distractions). Its well worth a look.

Where to find out more:
Read Anna’s blog here.
Follow Anna Bruce on Twitter.
Contribute to STREET-SIDE here.


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