I’m sitting in a rather comfy chair in the Hannah MacLure Centre at the moment, with Yann Seznec talking about his Gelkies exhibition in the background. The first thing you’ll see upon entering Hannah MacLure Centre tonight is a proper little feast for the eyes! A selection of artists and makers have a great range of beautiful things to pour over & purchase if you so wish.

Michelle Souter is tempting my pursestrings with her wares, including some gocco printed goods, which I have a soft spot for, being a gocco owner myself. Nikki McWilliam’s goods look good enough to eat, with a selection of goods including biscuit inspired brooches. I love Hilary Grant’s knitted work too, I’m a sucker for anything involving wool & patterns! Joanna Foster’s work includes a sweet selection of bird-inspired work & printed things, and Sara Greig’s headpieces are beautiful, & I love the little houses she’s selling.

If you’re nearby, definitely come take a peek. I’m off to catch the Superfly talk now!


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