Designer and Writer, Alexander Horne, explains what Fine Grains is all about …

Oslo 05.06.12

Six months ago in Aberdeen, a group of friends and visiting artists spent the post-club twilight hours reminiscing and looking over the ‘granite city’ from a high rise tower block. The occasion was the aftermath and end of almost four years of booking diverse electronic music acts for audio-visual events in my home city, Aberdeen, and city-of-residence, Oslo. It was an enriching experience; balancing professionalism with having a good time, meeting and working with talented international artists and ultimately producing a series of unique culture events that were not happening in either cities at the time. See more about these events here.

It was also an exhausting one, and there was always a desire to create something more permanent – a physical product and organisation that treated music equally with design, and was at home in an art gallery, as it was a club. From being exposed to sounds and vibes from nights like Jungle Nation, Kia Aura and Lifestyle in Aberdeen to checking out art shows in the streets and independent galleries of Barcelona, and running my own events – all of these experiences are part of Fine Grains.

Fine Grains is an amalgam of new music and design, anticipating and releasing limited release records that feature artwork and sounds representative of different emergent scenes from around the globe. With planned collaborations between designers and electronic music producers from Moscow, Aberdeen, Oslo, Ayr and Barcelona in the first releases I am committed to trying to challenge these artists to create something new and approachable on a number of levels, be that a small event, the record artwork or the actual tracks!

With our website now live and growing by the week, in order to introduce the label and gave people a taste of what Fine Grains will sound and look like we will be showcasing our debut artists and special guests at events in Barcelona during Sonar festival, Oslo and Aberdeen in the coming months. There will be an eclectic mix of music, anything from skweee to footwerk to calypso and afro house, live performances, and a limited run label sampler CD to hand out while they last. So if you cannot make it to any of these events, keep up to date with our future events and news on our Twitter feed and the website which are both updated regularly.

Read more on Fine Grains presence during Sonar festival on the Facebook event page here and follow us on Twitter here.

Visit Alexander Horne’s personal website here.


Picture credits:
01 – Fine Grains logo
02 & 03 – photos from launch party in Oslo by Julie Arrive, April 2012