Louise Norman

Louise Norman has set herself a goal for 2015 – to create a new illustration every Friday. By the end of the year, she’ll have an illustrative diary of 52 illustrations. Here she tells us a bit more about herself and the rational behind her project.

Robert burns by Louise Norman

I’m an artist/graphic designer/illustrator living in the Peak District near Manchester. I started off doing a Fine Art degree in Cardiff, which led to an Art Gallery & Museum Studies MA in Manchester. During my MA I found that I loved looking at other people’s work but I missed creating and making myself, the honesty of self expression you get when touching pen to paper, or paintbrush to canvas or mouse to screen. Due to a small studio space, my art practice became limited so I turned more to graphic design & illustration which I am starting to pursue more seriously in an effort to become a full-time freelance illustrator/graphic designer.

Talented Mr Ripley by Louise Norman

Onna Bugeisha by Louise Norman

My Friday Illustration project gets me to produce a new illustration every week; it might be about a significant or funny news story from that week, a book I just finished or an activity I did or just what’s inspiring me at that moment. I started the project this January, to develop my illustration, to gain focus and a concentrated style that fits me and what I want to say. Through the project I’ll hopefully develop a focused style, have some interesting work for my portfolio and at the end I can look back on an illustrated diary of my year. I post them on my blog every Friday and I’ve started a Tumblr where you can find them all together as well.

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