A new website – www.getitmade.com has been launched to help designers overcome the problem of raising finance to get products to market.


Designers upload images of a new product for potential customers to pre-order. They will have agreed a price per unit with a manufacturer for a given number of the product. Once that target number of orders is reached the manufacture goes ahead and customers receive their purchases.


Designers, manufacturers and other interested parties may well meet on the site. Social networking helps spread the word. Since no product is manufactured unless there is a customer, there is no wastage, no cost of storage of product and overheads generally are less.


It is only when the target is met that funds are taken from customers accounts and the takings are transferred to the designer, less 10% commission to the website. Other on-line stores take considerably more than this.


 Customers are delighted to receive what may be a unique product, not available elsewhere.  A similar design marketing idea has been successfully on-line for some time in the States.


If the target number isn’t met, the designer has still been able to showcase the product idea, free of charge.


Take a look at www.getitmade.com and upload your new designs, free of charge.