Hi there,

So I’ve been frantically trying to get everything together for the final submission by noon today. (Not an easy task considering I’m currently in Sheffield for the Doc/Fest!)

I’ve managed to get a studio space for filming in Film City Glasgow! Also managed to source a green screen and lights and a great rate! I’ve met my three actors who all seem brilliant! Below is a revised script (not too much changed here)…



Everything is in darkness. A beam of light suddenly reveals glimpses of ambiguous shapes and details. The stark contrasts of light and dark create an eerie atmosphere amongst the forests of gigantic cinema seats.

Another light flickers sporadically. This flickering cinema screen light shows the silhouette of a COUPLE holding hands. An USHER, whose torch emits a strong beam of light, leads them.



The COUPLE pass what appears to be a giant piece of paper crumpled on the ground. The USHER impatiently signals to the COUPLE to keep following him. The COUPLE appear worried and look back uncertainly towards the paper. They meet one another’s eyes and their mutual anxiety is clearly demonstrated.

The USHER continues, walking underneath the giant cinema seats, with the COUPLE following, until he abruptly stops. He checks the two tickets in his hand, looks up and nods to the COUPLE.



The COUPLE reach the USHER and look up in astonished confusion. The USHER looks very irritated, sighs and rapidly signals for them to climb onto their seat.

The MAN helps the WOMAN by offering a leg up. The WOMAN groans, removes her high heels and struggles to climb up onto the seat.

The COUPLE are seated comfortably and the MAN attempts to put his arm around the WOMAN. She pushes him away almost instantaneously and the line reads: “GFF10… Now Even Bigger!”


The trailer will be in black and white with a film noir feel. The music score will build up the suspense and eeriness of the unknown giant landscape the COUPLE are in. A rough scale of 1:10 will be used for shrinking the actors in After Effects. (Think ‘Honey I Shrunk the Kids’ and ‘The Incredible Shrinking Man’).

The trailer will be a combination of wide and tight locked shots (with a couple of moving point of view shots from the actors looking up at the chairs). The action will be filmed on a green screen and superimposed on pre-specified detailed stills of cinema seats. The whole sequence will include a continuous flickering light source to emulate light from the cinema screen.


Actress Role: WOMAN – Vivien Louise Taylor

Actor Role: MAN – Jonny Boag

Actor Role: USHER – Alfie Wellcoat
Venue: Film City Glasgow

I have managed to arrange payment in kind through an arrangement with Glasgow Film Theatre for the hire of this venue. I visited the space on Tuesday evening and it’s perfect for what I require. It has a stage which will help when it comes to filming the shots from above the actors.

Equipment Hire: Progressive Hire

I have provisionally booked lights and a big green screen from Donald at Progressive Hire. I got a really great deal (thanks Yvonne!) and they are going to deliver the equipment on Wednesday 11th November for filming. I have also arranged separate insurance for this equipment.

Taster Images