The National Library of Scotland has launched a new online video archive cataloging around 100 years of Scottish life on film.
NLS Moving Image Archive

Formerly The Scottish Screen Archive, the resource has a vast range of footage from documentaries to home videos. Using the search tool you can explore films made for public information, industry, and entertainment.

If conducting research you can call up particular films or use a keyword filter, and browse information on specific filmmakers and film productions. Alternatively, simply browse through genres, subject, place and decade to while away the hours!

NLS Moving Image Archive

NLS Moving Image Archive

Register free online to access the archive and even create a ‘My films’ list, request a copy of films or buy DVD compilations.

Whether the landscapes and architecture is familiar to you or not, this is something that everyone can appreciate having right at their fingertips.

Explore the NLS Moving Image Archive here.

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