Lu Sisi‘s short film Digital Analogue

Design agency Intercity have asked Central Station to nominate a piece of artwork which encapsulates the concept of ‘Inspired Ingenuity’.

In partnership with Havana Club they are working on a competition which challenges creative practitioners to turn the everyday into something special (inspired by the spirit of the Habaneros; the people of Havana, who pride themselves on their ability to create what they need
using simple resources). The competition is themed Inspired Ingenuity and runs over 6 months with a winner picked each month and a trip to Cuba up for grabs at the end (find out more here).

Central Station member LU Sisi’s video, Digital Analogue immediately came to mind. Entirely made through stop motion animation and with a soundtrack composed from the noises made by antique cameras, the film represents a technical accomplishment in itself. It also offers food for thought on our contemporary relationship with analogue and digital media.

It certainly fulfils what we believe to be both inspirational and ingenious.