Has anyone ever told you what actually happens after art school? The ‘are you going to be an art teacher?’ question is commonly asked by friends and family. What else is there really? This week Central Station has asked art school graduates to share what they’ve been up to since their graduation in the Life After Art School series.

Laura Muir
Photo: Deramores

Laura Muir is a designer, owner and freelancer at KNIT KNOT KNIT. Making the unwearable, wearable. Here she talks about life after the GSA…

When I was a student I couldn’t imagine life after art school. I became so used to being with my friends, the familiarity of the shared studio and my everyday routine. However, six months on and life after art school is extremely busy and fast paced. I find myself juggling many different things at once but this is incredibly fun. I am so happy to have full control over my own creative direction and produce products that are 100% KNIT KNOT KNIT. On 1 November I launched my KNIT KNOT KNIT website with three snoods available to buy. Since then I have been balancing knit orders, designing the website, creating press, organising stockists, freelance work and working a part-time job (to create cash flow – a must!).

Laura Muir

Laura Muir

Before launching my website I attended workshops with Business Gateway and Cultural Enterprise which has definitely made me more focused on my brand. It has given me an awareness for the different aspects needed to create a successful business.

Laura Muir

Before graduating I always thought I would go straight into a company and start a career in design. However I have come to realise that this is often not the reality. I want to be in control of my own creative direction and create my own expectations and goals. Therefore creating my own brand is perfect. I love creating a world that a client can step into and be transported into the sculptural, chunky knit world of KNIT KNOT KNIT. Colour, texture and photography are definitely key elements that I focus on when designing. The end photograph/product gives me a buzz and makes the frantic days worth it.

Photo: Thankfifi
Laura’s snood was featured on the Instagram and Twitter of personal style blog Thankfifi
Photo: Thankfifi

My aim for the next few months is to work on new cashmere orders and develop my website with a larger range of products. I also want to continue collaborating with bloggers, photographers and other creatives developing and creating exposure for KNIT KNOT KNIT.

I could not think of having a career that I didn’t enjoy. If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to have a career in something you enjoy you have to take it.

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