What’s in the blog:
The strapline for the blog is Creativity & Culture in Aberdeen & Beyond – and it does exactly that. Focusing on the North-East of Scotland, it gives reviews & news of anything arts & music related.

Why we like it:
It documents past happenings – too many times we get caught up in making sure we’re in every events listing, but where do we document the event? People are more likely to go to your next exhibition if you have interesting images from the previous one. The images & reviews in this blog make us want to travel up to Aberdeen the next time there is something showing at Smart Gallery or the next time we hear Gayle Chong Kwan will be exhibiting anywhere.

Hidden treasure:
The links at the bottom are extensive and exhaustive with a super mix of bigger named artists, establishments & collectives listed as well as lesser known ones. A great resource.

Where to find out more:
Visit the Mood of Collapse blog.

Featured image from Mark McCracken‘s show at Smart Gallery


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