Studio 54

Launched in 2013, Studio 54 is a professional development training portal for artists, designers & craftspeople.

Studio 54 is a place to share your knowledge and offer tips or comments and advice. Read advice from Patrica van den Akker, Director at The Design Trust about managing your time effectively and setting goals to hourly rates and pricing. Also, apply to contribute your own topic relating to artists’ professional development by emailing or suggest a topic that you would like addressed by Studio 54’s panel of experts via the Q&A section.

Learn by attending one of the Studio’s professional development ‘Starting Out’ programmes which covers business plans and models, marketing and selling and dealing with the financial aspects of your business. The course comprises of webinar presentations, interviews with creatives and exercise tasks.

There are plenty or resources to find on Studio 54’s site. Start by reading how Designer Maker Lianne Mellor got her work stocked in Liberty and House of Fraser. Also take a look at the benefits of collaborative working by contemporary textile and fibre artist Alice Kettle. Then see key points on raising funds from different sources by programme manager at Yorkshire Artspace Mir Jansen.

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