I’ve been under the radar recently but thanks to you all for keeping up with this group and posting your images…  Please tell others to get involved and keep up with the progress of this ongoing debacle in Aberdeen.  We need arts centres and civic spaces that offer more than commerce and concrete. Anyway, I’ll not launch into a rant…

Peacock had some good news this week about their Scottish Arts Council funding for the new building.

As you may know, the Scottish Arts Council deadline on the £4.3 million lottery award for Peacock’s new arts centre was due on the end of March.  However, as the results of the public consultation for Sir Ian Woods ACSEF City Square proposal in Union Terrace Gardens will now not be released until 13th April, the Scottish Arts Council have decided to review the award in June 2010, so support for this opposing City Square scheme can be measured.

This means that Peacock still has the support of the Scottish Arts Council and potentially Aberdeen WON’T loose out on this huge investment in arts and culture.

Peacock’s board requested that the arts centre be a part of this public consultation for Union Terrace Gardens but were refused.

Have a read of the two links below..

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I will post the details of the public consultation on the City Square once they are released on April 13th.

Meanwhile.. if you’ve not done so already

sign the petition to show support for Peacock and watch this for a laugh..