We at Arika did a wee tour on this very topic a couple of years ago (2007) with three experimental musicians and a psychogeographer Those interested might want to check out the Shadowed Spaces web page which tells you more about where we went and why we went there. During all the events we asked members of the audience to make recordings of their experiences, and a collection of these, alongside photos are available on the Shadowed Spaces archive page. We also have an event coming up at our next festival, UNINSTAL (at Tramway 9-16 May 2010) that touches on some of these topics – so keep your eyes peeled for that.

There are places in the towns and cities where you live that exist not by planned design, but by circumstance. Their elusive ambience attracts those with nowhere else to go, and those who wish to go elsewhere. overlooked bypassed unwatched detached unconsidered shadowed

They offer respites from society and routine. They are found by necessity, by those driven by desire, more than destination. Shadowed Spaces is a tour of nooks and crannies like these, in your towns and cities: forgotten steps that lead nowhere, alleyways, old railway tunnels. We’ll place musical performances in these spaces that will hopefully help us to think about the continued need for a sense of privacy in public.

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