London-based curatorial project G. George has launched a brand new project this week. The Listening Booth is an online sound gallery, which will host the audio work of, contemporary sound artists, musicians and writers.

The Listening Booth

The Listening Boothhas been created to provide a dedicated space for contemporary sound based art and a platform for experimental music. Traditional art galleries can be problematic spaces for hosting none visual works; however The Listening Booth allows the listener to experience the work in their own time. Along with a downloadable track many of the artists have included listening instructions, for example an artist can specify their work is best experienced at night, in the bath or on a commute. The listener is then able to embrace or ignore these instructions. This allows the artist and the listener to create their ideal gallery space.

The Listening Booth was created by artist Katie Tindle, ‘The Listening Booth reflects how we consume audio culture, through download and streaming. The Internet is the perfect space for a project of this kind because it bypasses the physical limitations of a gallery. It also allows us to play with the definitions of sound art, music and writing. The Listening Booth will host a lot of work that defies or straddles definitions. I felt it was important that the work be available for free so that it can be as widely accessible. By allowing their audience to download their work there’s a very intimate situation created between the artist and their listeners.’

Confirmed contributors include JDA Winslow, McGilvary/White, Eden Mitschenmaker, Taxi for My Uncle, Charles Verni, Nouria Bah.

A 30 minute preview of The Listening Booth was broadcast on Radio Anti during the Art Licks weekend, an arts festival held in October 2015. The preview can be heard here.


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