SummerhallTV is an arts channel dedicated to capturing and sharing artistically wonderful happenings. For the past year their channel, Art in Scotland TV has been dotting about Scotland to cover various art news and events. With such a vast archive of videos, we decided to ask creative individuals to filter these and share their favourites. Below is artist curator Alex Hetherington‘s selection.

alex hetherington

Alex Hetherington founded Modern Edinburgh Film School which combines moving image, curating, collaboration, publications, talks and critical writing. These work together on themes of learning about film and its ideas, moving image artists and their films, sculpture and poetry, and new expressions founded in discussion. It produced a series of works and projects in 2013 across Edinburgh on film and sculpture including Ute Aurand: FILME at Stills, The Slow-Wave and Videotheque at Talbot Rice Gallery, The Hand that Holds the Desert Down, April Set, Lauren Gault: Granular and Crumb and Hold This Object Up Until There is Nothing Left of You at ESW, Green Screen at Embassy Gallery, 6000 Posters for Giants and Dwarfs at Rhubaba Gallery and The Good Work, New Media Scotland, and in 2014 produced The Silver River, at Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow for Atelier Public 2 programmed as part of Glasgow International, “A New Island forming…” for Annuale, Embassy Gallery and Queer Information, an anthology of experimental writing and poetry. Recent published writing includes 21 Revolutions, ‘Men Gather, In Speech’, Karen Cunningham, Stan Douglas, Georgina Starr, Anne Colvin, Isa Genzken, Anna Oppermann, Studio Jamming, Kathrin Sonntag and Counterpoint. Modern Edinburgh Film School is currently working on an essay and film programme reflecting on the subject of Women and Works on Paper for Gallery of Modern Art in 2015.

My Top Five

David Bussel: Isa Genzken

I’m making resoundingly personal choices here, reflecting on certain stages of my life and work: here Bussel introduces Isa Genzken’s extraordinary Botanical Garden which I wrote about for This is Tomorrow, so that takes on a different viewing experience when looking at the exhibition and this video of it, but am “re-mindful” of my own emotional chaos that summer that Isa’s space of collage, minutiae, flowers, roses, paints, a Mike Kelley obituary, gems, toys, aerosols and Michael Jackson dance routines mirrored.

Susan Hiller: Re-Sounding

I love this video of Hiller discussing her work, its relationship to science, the spiritual, phenomenon, the unsubstantiated outside of our gaze and am reminded of my current writing and thinking about artists Mairi Lafferty and Allison Gibbs, and to traces of people I admire like Craig Mulholand, Darren Banks and Michelle Hannah, you can see them in her, and I’m reminded that Hiller’s An Entertainment was one of the first exhibitions I worked on, operating the four VHS decks that had to be started manually and in sync.

Georgina Starr: The History of Sculpture and Before Le Cerveau Affamé

I am mentioning these two documents on Georgina Starr’s project at Cooper Gallery, curated by Sophia Hao, and of Starr’s absolute generosity in allowing me to watch her make her film and performance, write about her work and think extensively about the voice in contemporary art with Ella Finer, and to the team of dancers, assistants and the photographer Ross Fraser McLean when the installation was being made – a truly beautiful moment.

Pipilotti Rist at Tramway, Show A Leg

So here is the time Tramway was turned into the inside of Swiss artist Rist’s head: sight, sound, music, transparencies, collages and video overlaps, purple walking shoes and elegant skirts, paragliding down the sides of Glasgow high rises, her naked body using a bed as a trampoline – I haunted this exhibition during its installation, with its net curtain screens, moving image poetry, positive hysteria and special craziness.

Carolee Schneemannn

I heard Carolee talk about her extensive practices, visual art, gender, sexuality and the body at a show called Wack! at PS1 in Brooklyn when I was spending a lot of time in the USA, I think that exhibition helped me focus a lot on my relationship and interests in the work of women artists and to the importance of talking to artists when shaping projects that represent them, that capture certain moments in their practices: unfolding, shaping, moving, working.

Find out more about Modern Edinburgh Film School on Central Station here.

This is the third part of an ongoing series selecting films from SummerhallTV’s archive. Take a look at the first installment by Dave Rushton and the second by Bill Millett. For a chance to curate your very own SummerhallTV film selection, please email Central Station on

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