Here on Central Station we like to encourage the use of digital platforms for good & not evil. Hence, coming across creative folk using social media as a tool for orchestrating a creative project brings a smile to our clock face. These are our Top 5 projects by members of the network that call for some participation from you:

1.  CHCH 220212 Type Branding Poster Project
Peter Godkin

Both a call for collaboration & a creative response to a natural disaster, the aim of this project is to bring the World’s attention to the continuing problems of the People of Christchurch. The intention is to show support not only to the general public, but to fellow creatives in Christchurch as well. See updates on the project here.


2. Papergirl Zagreb
Twitter – @PapergirlZagreb
Ivana Rezek

If you aren’t familiar with Papergirl, it is a project that seeks to bring art to the community in a new, exciting and participatory way; directly and freely by bicycle. It happens in cities all over the work. Papergirl Zabreb are currently looking for your art to spread around the streets of Croatia’s capital.

3. Sketch a Day

Hoping to inspire a year of drawing, the artist is on a mission to create a sketch a day throughout 2012 and is encouraging input from the public.


4. Smile Project
Marek Wysoczynski

Originated in Poland, this project is calling for your smiles. The idea is that people from all over the world submit their “autograph” in the form of an image of their smile, the smiles will then be exhibited in Children’s hospitals globally.

5. 28 Drawings Later: February Drawing Challenge
Victoria Evans

This is a drawing challenge and social networking project created by Visual Artist Victoria Evans. The result iss an evolving, month-long, participatory online gallery which encourages everyone, artists and non-artists alike, to see what might happen if they made time to draw every day for a month.


Do you have a project that needs creative input? Let us know in the comments below.


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