I’m sitting here wondering what to write about ‘tribe’ – and how events have overtaken us. It’s just 3 months since we hit the online world, and only 5 months since it was a twinkle in Mark Doyle’s eye , not long after he was made redundant. The thinking and ethos behind tribe was, and is quite simple … to produce an international creative art magazine that is free of clutter – and lets the art speak for itself.

More importantly – we see it as a resource for artists at whatever stage of their development – and wherever they are from, working in any medium , alone or collaboratively.  For emerging artists it is a rare opportunity to appear alongside established artists in the same publication. Over the next 3 issues (for example ) we have Carlos Ezquerra ( creator of Judge Dredd ), Jamie Reid ( Sex Pistols artwork) and the legendary Ralph Steadman – a result of a bit of front, brass-neckery and old fashioned cheek.

The upshot – 3 months in – is we are approaching 10,000 online readers a month (from 76 countries)  as this is being written . Most amazing and gratifying for us is that people are spending  about  45 minutes reading  each edition.

We have plans – creative writing , photo-documentary, multi-media are all looming – so, at the moment we are intending to, as the song says , “keep on keeping on “.

So our message to artists out there is simple – we want your work. The potential exposure is massive. Head over to our website first and check out the magazines  and then head to the contact page to find out how to submit work and ideas.

Grace Jones picture by Antonio, as featured in tribe

Woman in red eating by Helen Gillam, as featured in tribe

Collage of St Andrews Church by Yvonne Turner, as featured in tribe

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