WAFA (We Are Fucking Awesome) is a family of artists. Not an agency or design studio. Not ambitious. Not promoting. Not commercial.

WAFA Poloraid
by We Went North

We currently have members in Washington, Oregon, California, Minnesota, Maryland, Virginia, and the UK. We collaborate artistically, and our collaborations include zines, postcards, street art installations, music, web based initiatives, and gallery exhibitions. The artists in our collective have a diverse set of skills and interests, making it possible to achieve things together that we would not be able to in isolation. We also operate a web store which is primarily a way to sell our zines. We use the money to fund future projects.

– Collaboration by Jenkins and Bear Colony.

Our community is important to us, and it is something we have nurtured over the past 5 years. Besides artistic collaborations, we offer support for one another and are active in each other’s lives as artists and individuals. This support system is more important than the work itself.

A page in the WAFA ‘Future’ journal. A book that was started by Jenkins and has traveled to every current working member of the WAFA. It is now finished.

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