Untitled, 2013 - Stephen Iles
Untitled, 2013 – Stephen Iles

As part of The Tetley’s opening programme, A New Reality: Part 3, documentary photographer Stephen Iles will show a series of new works which chronicle The Tetley’s conversion. The exhibition, entitled Between Space, will be on display until 17 August. From office block to contemporary art space, Iles’ work explores the spaces where art is shown or made, examining the interim time between exhibitions and shifting moments that occur during re-development. Objects that initially appear unconnected are paired with the places they inhabit:

“Concentrating upon their transitional states of flux, Iles uses photography as a mirror to point back at the art-world like an endless reflection. Using each site as his laboratory or studio, Iles builds a surface tension questioning how we see and understand art and its’ spaces. Steeped in conversations surrounding the history of art and most notably the Arte Povera movement, Iles’ allows the specific location to become irrelevant, instead seeking to reactivate the space by searching for the moments in-between.”

See Between Space at The Tetley until 17 August. For details of the exhibition, see the Tetley’s website.

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