DeepEnd - Tayburn

As graduation season draws closer, we’re mentally preparing ourselves once again to spend our lunchtimes and evenings combing through CVs and portfolios, hoping to find the graduates most likely to cut it in a branding agency.

And while we’re excited to see how the newest thinkers and doers tackle creative writing, designing and programming wizardry, there still seems to be a gaping hole in their portfolios. And it’s to do with branding.

DeepEnd - Tayburn

Most creative courses occupy a grey area somewhere in-between academia and vocational training. The main issue with this is that the science of human behaviour – how people think, how they interact with brands and why they respond to them – is neatly avoided. And when you look through student portfolios, it shows.

Tayburn’s new placement programme starts with a creative test (downloadable here). Any placements brought on board will get a scary dip in the DeepEnd – two months paid employment working with planners, project managers and directors to solve difficult real life branding problems.

DeepEnd - Tayburn

Simply put, it’s about helping fill a gap. For the young and hopefuls entering the industry, it’s the only way to find out whether they’ll sink or swim.

Deadline: ongoing

For more information see the Tayburn website.

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