Opening in October 2009 and now in its second year, Milkwood Gallery has emerged as a valued meeting place; a venue for people to come and share ideas, learn new skills, participate in arts related events and enjoy community related activities. It is also a meeting place for artists and artforms, a contemporary gallery designed to create a platform for a diverse and vibrant range of exhibitions and events.

The space is also home to the MadeinRoath arts festival headquarters. A community festival with interactive exhibits. Highlights from last year’s festival included the Open House art trail, artist Jennie Savage’s Guide to Getting Lost in Roath at Milkwood Gallery, SWN festival’s showcase at The Globe, a sound installation in Roath Park’s conservatory and Roath’s first pop up arthouse cinema at Milgi.

Milkwood’s firmly established alternative, eclectic space where visitors can enjoy art, craft and design in a welcoming, friendly environment. They have also hosted Gallery based workshops for local schools and groups as well as ‘make do and mend’ courses: the learning of traditional skills whilst also encouraging sustainability.

Current projects include In Hand by Heloise Godfrey. An experiment involving massaging people and recording the sound of the experience and stories that they tell.

Carboard House is also currently running and invites designers from any discipline to propose showing an object from their own ‘household’ collection juxtaposed with an original household object which they have designed and made out of cardboard.

visit the milkwood website.