the modernist is a quarterly publication about 20th century modernist architecture and design with a view from the North of England.

The magazine was devised by Jack Hale and Maureen Ward, co-founders of the Manchester Modernist Society, as a means of showcasing a passion for 20th century architecture and design that they shared with an ever growing band of writers, photographers and designers they had made friends with through the society’s projects, events and campaigns. See their a-z of modernist manchester here.

It was also a way of expanding their original North West territory to embrace modernism wherever it may be found and tap into  the growing zeitgeist – not only of post war design but of the printed magazine artifact.

The magazine is designed by Des Behari of the Manchester Municipal Design Corporation who has evoked the spirit of modernist design with his own contemporary twist.

The magazine is published quarterly and is available online here. It can also be found at many art and design outlets including TATE Modern, Barbican, Magma, Analogue Books, Arnolfini and Cornerhouse.

Where to find the modernist:
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