twEATS Explained

In August 2010, Central Station teamed up with NVA, Landshare & River Cottage to bring you a live twitter cook off.

After calling for your grow your own recipe ideas for NVA’s Harvest festival later that month, we then asked designers to put themselves forward to design the a special cookbook/newspaper with all of the recipe ideas. Hilary Grant was our winner and she did a stirling job.

To get everyone’s culinary juices flowing, we had River Cottage’s Head Chef, Tim Maddams, join us over twitter to orchestrate a live cooking event. It rocked. Although not everyone’s meal ended up as tasty as Tim’s, it was a good time had by all.

Below is a more in-depth account of what happened when. Click on the links and re-live the Tasty twEATS!

Central Station are joining up with Landshare and River Cottage to bring you ‘twEATs’ – a live cooking Twitter challenge taking place on the night of 16th August. It’s all for NVA’s Glasgow Harvest, a couple of weeks later at Tramway’s Hidden Gardens on 28th August. If you haven’t read about it yet, it’s a celebration of urban farming aiming to educate and encourage people to grow their own food.

This is our rolling blog, which we update with news, info or just general excitement that we want to share.



twEATs 2: The Leftovers

The smoke has cleared, the dishes have been collected, there’s a faint tang of lemon and garlic in the air, and all around the country people are looking forward to twEATs 2: The Leftovers – we think it’s fair to say the night was a delicious success.



Tasty TwEATs Ingredients Revealed

We can now reveal the ingredients for our twEATs event – a live cooking Twitter Challenge- giving you plenty of time to shop and harvest over the weekend.

Have your ingredients ready and be set to start cooking from 7pm!

75g pumpkin seeds
Large bunch of parsley
50g parmesan or matured goat’s cheese, finely grated.
8 courgettes, about 1kg
4 cloves garlic
300ml of rapeseed or extra virgin olive oil
20 basil leaves, cut into strips
Salad leaves for 4
200g crumbly goats cheese
1 lemon
8 thick slices bread
Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

Hot tip: Have a food processor or blender to hand.

So that’s it. The above will feed 4 lovely friends, if you are cooking for more or less, just adjust to suit. Make sure you follow River Cottage on twitter, and be ready for the cooking instructions to start at 7pm on Monday 16th August. It’s going to be tasty.



BREAKING NEWS: The chef taking part in twEATs is revealed! We’re incredibly excited to announce that Tim Maddams, Head Chef at River Cottage Axminster Canteen and Deli will be cooking the secret dish on 16th August. Read on…


You’ve cooked along while watching on telly, you’ve even cooked along to a blog on the net, so now Central Station, Landshare and River Cottage are hosting a live cooking event of our own… on Twitter! To find out the ins and outs, check out our twEATs.

Basically, it looks like this:
- Tim Maddams, Head Chef at River Cottage Axminster Canteen and Deli has selected a dish (vegetarian) from one of their fantastic seasonal recipes for you to cook up.

- Next week the ingredients you will need to cook this mystery recipe will be revealed, giving you a few days to get yourself organised. How you get the ingredients is up to you – you could pick them from your garden, barter with other keen growers for ingredients, visit your local grocer or go out foraging in the wild. What ever floats your boat.

- on the day itself the chef will give step-by-step directions over Twitter  – @rivercottage – on what to do with your ingredients, with the odd picture to keep you on the right track. It’s going to literally be a twitter FEED (see what we did there?)

- you send us your own twEATs and pics as it all happens, letting us know how your culinary skills have held up. And chef will be able to answer any relevant queries as the feed continues. Then we’ll put it all together in an exclusive publication available only at Glasgow Harvest on 28 August.

How can you get involved? We’re glad you asked…

1. Source your ingredients:
In the spirit of NVA and Landshare, we encourage you to find your ingredients locally, if at all possible; perhaps you already have your own windowbox or herb patch, or know of a veggie-growing neighbour who you could trade with. Check out your local farmers’ markets to find a variety of fresh produce, or head out into the countryside yourself, to forage for your food! If you feel inspired to begin growing your own food but don’t have access to a garden, check out Landshare’s programme matching growers with spare land in their area.

2. twEATs aplenty:
This is when you get to eat what you tweet!
Collect together your ingredients and utensils; keep the evening free in your diary, have your computer or phone charged and camera to hand.
Then prepare to cook a dinner you could tweet home about.

3. Go to Harvest:
Pick up a copy of the twEATs’ publication, eat good food, get a punk herb hair-do, check out the jam wall & have a hoot!



Central Station is chuffed to announce that Hilary Grant (hilarygrant) is the winner of our twEATs designcompetition.

Here are the winning entries:




Hilary is one half of art collective Edible/Wearable, which she formed with Mahala la May, a fellow student at Duncan of Jordanstone College. Since graduating in 2007, Hilary has designed textiles and accessories for Alexander McQueen, Clare Tough and Tait & Style. She spent the last year working with creative research group Distance Lab and is currently a freelance illustrator and designer.

Angus Farquhar, Creative Director of NVA and one of the judges for our competition said: “I chose Hilary out of a really diverse field with many strong contenders, as I liked her clear and bold style; it is uncomplicated but lively and capable of lifting a simple recipe off the page.”

His fellow judge, Mark Breslin from ISO Design, agreed: “Both of Hilary’s entries have a strong graphic feel, they were really appropriate for the scale and production qualities of the newspaper format. I really liked the contrast between her two entries (yes, two entries – one isn’t enough these days), the first being a sequence of frames illustrating the process, the other a strong single image.”

We can’t wait to see what she does with our limited-edition publication, available only at NVA’s GlasgowHarvest Festival on Sat 28th August.


NVA is a public arts organisation founded in Glasgow in 1992. Our practice is directly engaged in the wider world of urban and rural landscapes. We use a collective approach both in terms of artistic development and also to encourage audiences to participate physically and creatively. We take what is ‘there’ as a starting point to uncover complex underlying realities and to reveal how places shape and are shaped by their inhabitants.

If twEATS and Harvest have got you hankering after the good life, Landshare is the place to find a plot to grow some veggies on. Landshare is an online network where you can look for land to grow veg on, offer their spare land, or get help and tips from Veg Doctors and Helpers supported by Garden Organic, the Royal Horticultural Society and the National Trust.

River Cottage:
Tim Maddams, Head Chef from the River Cottage Axminster Canteen and Deli, will be cooking one of River Cottage’s great seasonal recipes. If you just can’t wait to see what he has chosen, take a peek at some of the fantastic meals in their Everyday Cookbook. Or if you’re passing by, drop in and visit the fantastic new Deli counter at the Axminster Canteen.