twEATs event with River Cottage, Landshare and NVA – Monday 16th August 2010

The smoke has cleared, the dishes have been collected, there’s a faint tang of lemon and garlic in the air, and all around the country people are looking forward to twEATs 2: The Leftovers – we think it’s fair to say the night was a delicious success.

Led through the cooking of a mystery dish – revealed to be ‘Lemony courgettes on toast with pumpkin seed and parsley pesto’ – by Tim Maddams, Head Chef at Axminister Canteen and Deli, twEATers threw themselves into the spirit of the event with gusto:


“I may have taken too long making sure my ingredients looked just right…”
Credit: @ErinMcElhinney

with roughly 4 minutes before someone began flirting with chef…

flirting pic 2.png
Once the “essential preliminary step” had been issued by Tim:

essential step.jpg
Credit: River Cottage

And dutifully followed:

“Mine’s a g’n't!”

Credit: @glittrgirl

The cooking commenced.

Delicious smells began to rise, of crushed parsley, roasted pumpkin seeds and grated garlic, as the pumpkin seed and parsley pesto took shape:

pesto pic.jpg

Next came the courgettes, the browning of which caused a bit of drama in one twEATers kitchen:

Screen shot 2010-08-17 at 14.18.47.png
But by 8pm the vast majority were proudly tucking in to their creations:

Credit: @ErinMcElhinney

served 2.jpg
Credit: @cmktweets

The verdict was unanimously positive, with clean plates and satisfied groans from all:

Satisfied pic.png
as well as several enthusiastic calls for a repeat event:

Do it again pic.png
A huge, huge thanks to Tim, River Cottage, Landshare and NVA, who all worked to make twEATs happen – and to you, for taking part. You can find the recipe Tim used (and more) in the River Cottage Every Day Book.

Now make sure you come along to Glasgow Harvest, NVA’s celebration of urban growing, on 28th August, to pick up your limited edition recipe book, featuring a double page spread on twEATs – you may see your tweets and pics in print!

Credit: NVA
Tim goodbye.jpg

Credit: River Cottage


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