Laura Muir recently graduated from Textile Design at The Glasgow School of Art. We got in touch with her after seeing her impressive collection at the Degree Show 2014. Find out more about her creative process…

Laura Muir

Knitting and Knotting with Knit is the core concept/technique for my graduate collection. It is where four knotting structures meet four knitting stitches to create conceptual, sculptural and chunky knitted pieces that collide with everyday wearability. Elements taken from the sculptural garments have been adapted to large snoods and scarfs.

Taking inspiration from Nanna Van Blaaderen, Sandra Backlund and Derek Lawlor, this collection of fabrics explores scale and knotting and knitting techniques by hand, on the standard domestic machine and on the 2.5gg Dubied industrial machine.

Laura Muir

The contrast of combining soft merino blend yarns (sponsored by Deramores) with these structural forms create an organic, fluid movement while maintaining a methodical approach. My AuPair experience in Algermissen, Germany and sailing on the east and west coast of Scotland informs the fluid and organic movement that occurs within my pieces. The dark blue hues and teal/turquoise tones from the Scottish ropes and seas have been mixed together to create depth to these knits. A rich burgundy colouring extracted from images taken in Germany have also been used within the collections colour palette.

Laura A. Tiliman was selected to shoot the collection as she has a modern and classic approach to her photography. It has enabled the pieces to show their true form and function.

Laura Muir

Laura Muir

Having recently returned from New Designers in London, I am confident that KNIT KNOT KNIT has a future. I am currently in the process of developing a website that will allow the customer to see the more elaborate conceptual pieces while being able to purchase more useable/wearable interiors and accessories.

KNIT KNOT KNIT has been created to make the unwearable wearable and for sculptural knit to be worn in everyday life. It also gives the viewer an understanding of the potential and diversity that sculptural knitting has to offer.

The future for KNIT KNOT KNIT is to have the ability to grow into a company. My ambition is to take on large sculptural knit commissions while creating wearable, desirable knitted and knotted fabrics suitable for interiors, and accessories that encase and enhance the human form.

Laura Muir

For more of Laura’s work see her website.

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