Concept movement vision - Konstantina Tsirogianni
Concept movement vision

Konstantina Tsirogianni is originally from Greece and came to Glasgow to study for a Masters in Interior Design at the Glasgow School of Art. Throughout her degree she developed an interest in light-based art installations and the use of light as a medium to create experimental visual environments. Here, she talks more about her work, art and spatial perception…

Hypothetical movement diagrams  - Konstantina Tsirogianni
Hypothetical movement diagrams

I am interested in researching how we perceive space visually, and how we can create different experiences within a space. While experimenting on lighting projections and moving images, my intention is to identify and reveal the potentials of space. I explore the possibilities of how light, a formless material, can inhabit the architecture of a space and shape temporary multi-sensory experiences. My aspiration is to transform different places into performative spaces of art.

Capturing movements - Konstantina Tsirogianni
Capturing movements

‘Unseen’ is a proposal for an intervention within a building, The Whisky Bond, where I study the possibilities of movement, the experience of space in terms of perception and reflection and the interaction of our bodies with the surrounding environment.

Movement patterns - Konstantina Tsirogianni
Movement patterns

The research begins with the idea of identifying the connections between the building and its urban context. The city map is explored as a network of lines, points and relationships, which are translated into forms that surround the building. The idea evolves by defining the building as a core of literal or metaphorical communication. The building is interpreted as a network of movement. The exploration continues with the creation of hypothetical movement diagrams concerning the relationships of hidden movement either in real space or in imaginary space.

Facade patterns - Konstantina Tsirogianni
Facade patterns

Exterior lighting projection - Konstantina Tsirogianni
Exterior lighting projection

The experiences of space and the impact upon its users are translated into geometrical forms and patterns that are depicted with the use of digital media as a projection-animation. Light and shadow are the only materials. They become the means to reveal unperceived information and create transformations into reality. The intervention is an investigation between observation and thought. A journey begins, starting from the exterior facade and continues to the interior where the user acts as a spectator at first but then his presence becomes part of the intervention.

Through further development and research, the idea can be applied in different buildings and spaces within the city revealing the interstitially and intercommunication of real space and space of thought. The notion of interstitial space and the use of lighting projections can be explored as a means to change the built boundaries of an existing space and expand our way to perceive things.

Interior lighting projection - Konstantina Tsirogianni
Interior lighting projection

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