Sougwen Chung

Alpha-­ville EXCHANGE features a day programme packed with presentations, talks and social events alongside a music programme in the evening for attendees to network and enjoy. Sougwen Chung (鍾愫君) is a Canadian-­born, Chinese­-raised, and Brooklyn­-based artist who will present work at EXCHANGE. Here she tells us more about her practice.

Sougwen Chung chiaroscuro 3

I am an interdisciplinary artist exploring the intersection of art and technology. My artistic practice is informed by my background as a violinist and fine artist and explores ways in which artistic expression can be augmented through technology.

I am interested in inventing new processes of making by hybridizing emerging and established art-forms. To date, my work spans installation, sculpture, still image, drawing, and performance. By working within these mediums, it is my intent to grow a multi-faceted approach to experiential art.

Sougwen Chung Chiaroscuso Geneva 9

Sougwen Chung Chiaroscuso Geneva 10

My practice iterates on the expressive agency of form catalyzed with software, sound, light, and space. Recently, my focus has been on creating installations involving multiple layers of light on intricate structures, taking a variety of media and transforming them into spacial experiences.

Sougwen Chung Moonlit Sky 1

My work has been featured in exhibitions in North America, Europe and Asia. Recent venues include the Museum of Contemporary Art in Geneva, Switzerland and 319 Scholes in Brooklyn, New York. Additionally, Chung has been featured in The New Yorker, Dazed and Confused, Cool Hunting and The Creators Project.

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Please visit here for the full Alpha-ville Exchange programme.

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