I am writing this blog to describe my process but more honestly to avoid doing the other writing I need to hand today. That wonderful nagging anxiety of procrastination heightened by too many coffees. The process I am talking about is script writing. I am still at the story outline stage in development for this years scottish digital shorts with Digicult. I made a film with them last year “I’ll Be Right Here” using the same process. That word process, we used to hear it so much at art school that we fantasised that the tutors could produce “pure process” from there finger tips in the form of lightning bolts like the Emperor in Return Of The Jedi. The story outline process is a one or two page outline of the complete film which the producers have to sign off before you start writing your first draft of the script. The deadline is today with a meeting with the producers tomorrow. I have been writing a new outline as the first versions I handed would not have been a short film at all as it would have been much too long. In kind of the same way that George Lucas had to cut his script in to three chunks and make three films, I am now developing the first half of the original idea. George Lucas probably got the idea for the emperors lightning bolts from the “pure process” exerted on him by script development. Enough of this chat, I must get back to writing.