I’d only been here six minutes…picked up by my gentlemanly driver Dougal (he’s driving a Quashqai)…We were travelling down Great Western Road – he was wearing Raybans and I was in tartan trousers. We spotted a young lady on a bike and she agreed to dance with me. Not bad for just six minutes in.

First stop was the Sketchbook Exhibition at the Welcome Home Gallery where we perused the warblings and scribbles of artists, writers and musicians. They even made a cake and they gave us retro sweets. Then we popped into the GI Hub on Miller Street, swung by the Micro Festival by Forest Fringe at The Arches,  and ended the night at ledgendary Glasgow club night Optimo at Glasgow School of Art for the GI Party.

Today we’re going in search of a white bike, looking at collages, making some flickbooks and probably playing my guitar. Rumour has it, we’re also going to be followed by a BBC reporter. Stalker.  Do you want to recommend a GI core or fringe festival event for us to visit? Tweet us the details @CenSta. Do it. Especially if there’s cake. Or leave a comment on my blog. Even if you don’t want us to come and visit, leave me a comment anyway. I like a good natter.

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