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The Central Station community is a combination of several social networks – Twitter, Flickr, Cargo Collective, Vimeo, Behance, Soundcloud & Facebook.

To join us you just need to be connected to Central Station on any or all of these platforms.

We can then see your work and consider it for our Showcase. It also means that other creatives can easily connect with you.

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    GI 2010
    Featured Video
    During GI 2010, we sent filmmaker Gayle Meikle out with a camera. Here are the…

    Featured Blog
    Scottish Comedian Phil Kay explored GI 2010. Here are the 5 most popular videos.

  • Featured Blog
    Er….apparently we’re going to be on the radio. It all happened rather fast. One second I was…

    Featured Blog
    Opening Night For GI with Phil Kay. We started our evening of art exploration for the…

    Featured Blog
    Boo. It's over. Our three-day festival tour with Mr Kay has come to an end....it's been…

  • Featured Blog
    My GI weekend with Phil Kay and the film crew as a runner/assistant started on…

    Featured Blog
    So we're half way through our second day at

    Featured Blog
    I'd only been here six minutes...picked up by my gentlemanly driver Dougal (he's driving a…

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    Hello! Hello! Just thought i'd do a little blog post about a piece of work i've…

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